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ZTL's in Southern Spain???

Are there any ZTL's (Limited Traffic Zone) in Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Cadiz, Malaga, Arcos de la Frontera, Jerez en la Frontera and Gibraltar that I should be aware off? Not sure yet if we're going to train and walk or drive and walk or a combination of train, drive and walk? Any web-sites that could help me? ZTL's can get really expensive if you drive in the wrong area.

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I was a passenger in a car driven in several of those cities a few months ago, and the driver did not mention anything about a ZTL. As another poster suggested, we found a parking lot or garage as soon as we could near the city center or tourist sites, then walked. In Arcos I don't think there was a parking lot or garage so we had to hunt for street parking (which was metered), then take a taxi up to the top.

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Pedestrian-only zones are common all over Europe. I can't think of any town of some size that does not have one (or several). What they are called might be different from country to country. And how those limitations are enforced might be different as well. What those zones have in common is the main signage: the red circle should give you an indication that you can't enter.

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I have never heard the term here and think the answer is no - but others may know more. That said, I would not recommend driving into the centre of any of those cities, especially the first 4. Find a parking station (GPS or google) on the edge of the city and walk or taxi into the centre would be my recommendation. I don't think you can take your car across to Gilbraltar.

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I've never seen anything like that - - pedestrian-only areas, but nothing unobvious. I drive into Gibraltar routinely. It's nothing more than a passport flash, nothing about the car.

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Hi Miguel. It was a few years ago, but we drove in Granada and Cordoba with no problem. They are both medium size cities, not large. Just drive in and find a garage / spot to park; shouldnt be a problem.
Enjoy your trip!