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My dad and I are huge war buffs and I noticed Ypres isn't to far from Bruges. We will be visiting Bruges for part of the day and were thinking about going to Ypres. How is the town, is it worth visiting? Thanks!

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Brendon, The town of Ypres is nice, but the most interesting and significant WW-I sites are in several locations in the immediate area. You might consider taking one of the excellent battlefield tours available in that area, as you'd learn far more about the history than just wandering around on your own. I can't remember the name of the Guide that provided our tour last year, but might be able to find some information by checking my notes. Happy travels!

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As Ken mentioned, most of the WWI-related sites are scattered outside of town in the surrounding countryside. The town itself is a complete post-war rebuild. Usually in Europe, that means lots of ugly concrete blocks, but Ieper was rebuilt in a much more traditional style. I guess post-WWI rebuilding was a little more traditionally oriented than post WWII. To look at it, you would think it was as old as Brugge. Definitely an attractive, if rather small city. One of the most helpful TI's I've found anywhere in Europe is located in the rebuilt Cloth Hall. Make this your first stop for information on tours.

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I'm not clear on something - are you visiting Bruges for part of a day, and wanting to use part of THAT day to go to Ieper? My husband and father-in-law spent a long, full day there (took the train); they want to go back and see more. They had a great time...I know they went to the museum and the war cemetery a few blocks away; if you want some more specific info I'll be happy to ask him. If you ask me for more info but don't hear back from me, just send me a Private Message ;-)