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Your Help On Changing Terminals at CDG

We will be arriving on a non-stop Air France flight from the US late on a weekday morning, then switching to an Air France domestic flight to Marseille that departs about 2 1/4 hours later. Our arrival terminal is 2E and our departure terminal is 2F which is directly across the roadway. I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with this change of terminals, and how to go about it in the quickest and most hassle-free way. Thanks.

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Hate to say it -- just follow the signs. CDG is big sprawling airport but the signage is decent. Just take time.

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I agree. The signage in CDG is actually really quite good. The only quibble I've ever had is that, if you are traveling a long way in a straight line, the signage designer decided to place "you're still going in the right direction" signs a bit further apart than I would like. When switching planes, however, it is easy enough to just follow the signs. If the "across the roadway" part is worrying you - don't worry! We've foound it simple to navigate a short shuttle bus hop at CDG. Again, signage is more than adequate!

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It's actually a 5 minute walk all inside the same building. You are circumventing the central areas where people go through security and the escalators go up and down. You won't have to go outside at all.

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Logically, it is very possible. But, there is nothing logical about CDG. Below is my recent experience, as copied from my post on the Transportation site: A few weeks ago I asked if a little over two hours is enought time to make a connecting flight at Charle DeGaull AP in Paris. We just returned from our trip and, to answer my own question: Absolutely not! We were on a flight with 40 or 50 college girls on a Study Abroad program or programs. Passport control at CDG was staffed by five people, but only two were handling 90 percent of the arriving passengers. The others were for the few VIPs and Eurozone residents. These two gave a cursory glance to us old folks but flirted with every young girl for up to five minutes each. By the time we made it through their line, rushed from Terminal 2F to the far end of Terminal D and went through security, our flight had departed. Fortunately, we were able to book a flight to Luxembourg for two hours later. If I fly though CDG again, I will book at least a three-hour window. (BTW: On four previous trips through passport control there, I encountered similar delays twice.)