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Your experience with a Paris Pass

Hello! :) I am hoping to find people who have bought and used the Paris pass...would you do it again? Does the Paris Pass really save you time? Can you really bypass all those lines (other than security)? Would you recommend it? Thanks for you help!

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I think you mean the Paris Museum pass -- yes absolutely I recommend it. Definitely saves you time and frustration in lines, and you can easily duck in to sights that you might otherwise not find to be the price (for example the Conceigernie). Also it give you freedom to break up your visits to key sights. We did two separate 2-3 hour visits to the Musee D'Orsay, for example. It's not hard to break even or better based upon the Euros and cents of it, and with the other benefits it's easily worth it.

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Thanks for the reply! Would you recommend buying the Paris Museum pass online or just wait until I get to Paris?

Thanks a bunch! :)

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Yes, would recommend it for all the reasons the previous poster listed. The security line is usually minimal compared to the ticket line of most of the popular sites. Buy it when you get to Paris.

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I always buy the pass when in Paris. One reason not mentioned is easy access to reasonably clean toilets. As mentioned, buy the pass at a small museum to avoid a long line. Don't worry about breaking even, the convenience is worth something.

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Definitely buy your pass in Paris. If the airport TI is closed when you arrive (as it was when my early AM flight got in,) buy your pass at one of the small sites/museums such as the Conciergerie or the Rodin Museum. I like to get mine at the Conciergerie because it is conveniently located near Notre Dame, and there is never a line.

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Yes, the Paris Museum Pass is definitely worth it. We were in Paris for nine days in March and bought the six day pass. Since it was off-season there were not many lines, although Sainte Chapelle and the Notre Dame tower did have lines. We missed the TI at the airport and bought our pass at Sainte Chapelle. In the six days we were able to see all the museums and sites that we wanted that were covered by the pass. We also saw some not so talked about sites as St.Denis which we enjoyed more than some of the more well known sites. We definitely got more than our money's worth but it takes some planning to get the most from your pass. List those sites you really don't want to miss & plan accordingly. We felt our passes saved both time and money.

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There is a Paris Pass which covers a lot of attractions and transportation. It is different from (but possibly includes?) the museum pass. You can find out more at. . We went to a wine tasting in Paris which accepted the Paris Pass.

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I would definitely recommend it. I was staying in the Rue Cler area, so I picked it up at Invalides. Easy and worth it.

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We're in Paris now and have had a very positive experience with our 6-day museum pass, which contrary to Tracy's posting, cost my husband and me 128 euros, or $169. We've definitely broken even on it in our five days here. And the ability to avoid lines, especially with our two teenagers, has been invaluable. Armed with the pass, on a Friday afternoon we walked right into the pass/groups entrance at the Louvre with no line whatsoever. Same thing at Versailles on a Saturday fountain day. Today completely avoided a very long line to climb to the Arc de Triomphe. So to Sarah I would say it absolutely saves time. My family teases me about walking around with my Rick Steves guidebook and relying on helpline tips but I tell them that thanks to the book and this helpline, they haven't had to stand in a single line!

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Hi Sarah,
We were in Paris the first week in June and purchased the four day pass. We skipped the lines every where we went, and saved money since we went to 6 museums in 4 days. We loved it.

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Completely. Saved us about 30EUR per person and we waited in NO lines. It was most convenient to be able to split the Louvre over 2 days and not have to pay for it twice! We spent about 3 hours one day and 4 hours the next (and only saw about 1/2-2/3 of it!). You can order online (Rick's guidbook has the website, I think) before you go; takes about a week-10 days to get them. I recommend getting it for one day less than you will be in Paris, so that on the extra day you can do the things not covered in the pass, like the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coeur.

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Besides all the good reasons already mentioned, there is a huge psychological factor for many. With the pass, you won't fret over whether it is "worth the money" to visit a sight. You won't feel you "aren't getting your money's worth" if you only see part of a museum because you are exhausted, or there's no time left. And if you visit a sight and it doesn't appeal - you just move on, again, no regrets.