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Young travelers

Hey guys my name is Andrew. My girlfriend and I are traveling to Paris for 3 days and 2 nights in June. I know this sounds pretty sad, but this is my first trip to Europe so I don't know where to begin searching for hostels, hotels, resturants or anything. Were both recent college grads and in lament terms, I AM BROKE.

Any ideas or tips?

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Two of the titles you may wish to check out include Rick Steve’s Paris 2010 (or whatever year they have) and Let’s Go Paris (latest edition). Let’s Go is geared toward backpackers/college students/those on a serious budget. Also read Europe through the Back Door by Rick Steves. These will get you started. Have you already purchased airline tickets? June is an expensive time to fly…you could save a lot by visiting off season.

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Oh wow, I apolegize for the spelling mistake, made the post from my iPhone. But I have purchased the tickets already and got a decent deal. But thank you for the refrences I'll look into them when I get the chance

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The MIJE hostel is good, but it's not the best deal if you're skimping. Budget hotels abound, and even tossing in the cost of a round-trip metro ride each day, you still come out ahead.

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To add to the advice provided by the others, I'd suggest buying (or at least having a look) at either the Paris 2010 or France 2010 Guidebooks, as they contain LOTS of information on touring in Paris. With such a short trip, good planning will be important!

As this is your first trip to Europe, Europe Through The Back Door would be an especially good pre-read.

You might also want to check the website for HI Hostels as they have a number of properties in Paris.

Finally, have a look at for information on getting into Paris from CDG (airport).

Happy travels!

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Two young girls (18 yr old)stayed at the St Christophers hostel in Paris and said it was fine. Clean and newish. They said you have to use the metro to get to central sites,, but if two high school girls can figure it out, I am sure two college grads could. LOL

Check out Lonely Planet Guides, geared towards the young, ( and young at heart) budget traveller. They also have a forum ,, called Thorntree I believe.

Google is your friend.

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Try out couchsurfing or hospitality club. They are organizations that you stay with someone who lives there and you get to meet great friends at the same time!. I have done it a few times and swear that it is the only way to travel now!