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Young people in Germany

I'm going to Germany late july and I wil be situated in the Stuttgart area. Where are some good local places to meet local young German women & men ages 16-21?

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Don't discount hostels, remember young Germans travel around their country too, plus you will meet young people from many other countries,, young Danes, Brits, French, etc etc.

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Emily, will you be going to school there or just on a vacation? How old are you?

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You'll see plenty of young locals on Schlossplatz in Stuttgart and plenty of Germans and Americans at SI-Centrum (

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I'm going there for vacation and I'm 18 years old.

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Emily, how long will you be there? When I went to university there, I found that the club at the Universitaet Stuttgart-Vaihingen was a very young crowd, probably 16-early 20 year olds. (Whether that club is still there, I don't know. I was there in 1997!) They weren't all university students. If you can find at least one good place to go with young people, then you can find out from the young people that you meet there where there are other good spots. That's what I love about Germany. So easy to make friends!