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You think you've seen all of Berlin? I bet not!

Well, have you seen the oldest toilet of Berlin that's still in use? Or the 21st century fully-automated Japanese one at a Japanese restaurant in Berlin? Or the largest public toilet that's so calm you'd want to stay for a while and maybe read a book? There now is a "Toilet Tour" through Berlin showing you all of this and much more... Would you be interested?

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I remember going to a bar off the KuDamm called "Klo", that was toilet-themed. The chairs were toilets, and you could order beers served in bedpans. Had to skip on that last part.

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I remember those automated toilets from a trip to Tokyo a couple of years ago...they're awesome! I have made a promise to myself that the next time I remodel my bathroom a high-tech toilet will be part of the deal! I've already researched it, and they are sold in the US! For those curious about what a hi-tech toilet's hard to describe, it must be requires no toilet paper.....uses small jet streams of water, and a blower to dry you off.....yeah I know T.M.I.

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Yeah, I would go on this tour, it sounds interesting. Anyway, isn't that Europe through the "back door"? ok. I will get my coat and leave :-))

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I actually think that is quite awesome. I love the weird quirky things just as much as the standard must-do's. I remember in Paris they had a public "opera toilet" where you paid some dollar amount and you were treated to classic opera with an ambiance to match while you did your business. If we had something like that around here - I would totally make my girlfriends to that for one of their birthday outings.

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Wow - all the way to Europe to see toilets??? They are interesting for a glance maybe while USING them...but definitely not a tour.

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As the daughter of a chemist who worked at a sewage-treatment plant, and who grew up with toilet jokes, I think this is awesome!

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To Michael: Not only do you save on toilet paper, but the water is warm!