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Signing up for just saved me $300+! I had registered a travel-agent-issued ticket to France for late May with Yapta several months ago. They watch the price of purchased tickets and notify you when the price drops below a certain level (they'll also watch non-purchased possible flights for you). Yesterday my ticket's price dropped dramatically, they notified me, and so I called my airline. They directed me to my agency for a credit, but the agency was VERY UNHELPFUL and NEGATIVE. So I called the airline back, explained the situation, and an extremely helpful person arranged for me to receive a voucher for #300+ for a future flight. I'd prefer a credit but she said they no longer give those. Now I can afford to take that day-long cooking class I've been wanting! So, check it out.

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I've used the past couple of trips. Works for me and there's no additional software to download. It already saved me $400 for this trip (enough for our train passes).

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A follow-up: no additional software needed with either, just sign up online. And, no, I don't work for them! Just love the fact that I saved so much money on my ticket to France later this month.

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Yapta has also saved me a total of $105 on two flights this year. ($90 on one trip and $15 on another.) I use them to watch ticket prices for me before I buy. It's definitely the best way to keep track of airfare price fluctuations and to find a deal.