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Xrays/Sharp Objects on AVE trains spain

I read somewhere that one has to be careful about carrying sharp objects in your luggage on AVE trains. Would there be a problem with a wine opener or scissors? What other sharps might be a problem? Don't want to miss the train due to xray/security issues.

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Probably not. However, Spain has had a few disasters and close calls with the ETA crowd and might get a little testy. Take cheap ones. The worst that could happen is that you'd have to toss something. They sell scissors and corkscrews all over the place.

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They are looking for bomb and don't think they care much about knives or other things. We pass through security x-ray in Madrid last year carrying a five-inch folding knife that we use for picnics, two cork screws, a couple bottles of wine, some other food stuffs, and barely looked at us twice. Knives are not a threat on a train. Also, only ticketed passengers are allow on the platform and only a short time before the train arrives.

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I saw this message before traveling by train from Madrid to Toledo today, so I asked people at both the "Information" and "Customer Assistance" desks. They said there wouldn't be a problem with a corkscrew, but there probably would be with scissors.

On the way back from Toledo, I also noticed a posted sign saying that they know that some of the souvenirs from Toledo look dangerous (e.g., daggars, swords, etc.) but if they're properly wrapped and sealed they can be taken on the train.

Maybe they'd let the scissors through, but there's apparently some doubt about it, so you might save yourself some hassle by leaving them behind.