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Has anyone used this service? I reserved a hotel room at the Deutsches Theatre in Munich for 5 nights and I got it for 35 euros/night. Seemed too good to be true as the hotel website/venere/ etc all say that it is double that price. I would hate to arrive there and find out that they won't honor that price.

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We use them all the time, have never had any problems with them.

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Glad to hear they are reputable. I just reserved Hotel Le Petit in Rome for 20 Euros per night CHEAPER than any other website including the Le Petit's own website. My travel is for June 2009 and the hotel's rate of Euro 170 was more expensive than HRS at Euro 150 per night.

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We likewise use The prices are sometimes better, the cancellation policy (used twice) seemed to be a bit better than the hotels' website and you get a clear message about the terms. From our experience the ratings, which are based on people that were verified to stay at the hotel, are pretty solid, not inflated.

Regards, Gary

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I will be staying there May 27- June 1st. It is at the Deutsches Theater on Schwanthalerstr. I believe there are two. I am now second guessing my choice as trip advisor gave it unfavorable reviews. I don't want anything fancy (I will be staying in hostels for the rest of the trip), but I just want something clean and close to the train station as I will be doing tons of day trips.

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Not only is HRS sometimes cheaper than a hotel's own website but in larger cities they actually buy guaranteed inventory from the hotels so that even if a hotel may call themselves fully booked you sometimes still can get a room via HRS. They're market leader in Germany and neighboring countries. If you have a friend working for a large international company it's likely they've even got their company rates uploaded. That friend might be able to send you their internal HRS link for Germany. If not call HRS and ask for that company's special rate.