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Thinking of making a stop in Wurzburg on our way to Rothenburg. We would like to see the Residence there wondering how much time we would need? I know that they give tours in english, is the only way to get in to see it by tour only? Or can we tour on our own?


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If you don't do the tour, you only get to see half of the Residenz, as they keep one half closed except for tours. So, it is well worth going on the tour. Learning about the history of the building is fascinating, why things were decorated the way they were, what it all means. The painting of the vaulted ceiling above the massive staircase amazes me each time I see it. The gardens are lovely if you are there at the right time of the year.

We walked to the Residenz from the HBF. Easy 10 min. walk. We also walked to the Fortress, as it is nice strolling through town, visiting the Dom and some of the other churches around the market place. The walk up to the Fortress was a bit of a trek, but you get a nice view.

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Wurzburg is a great place to see. You must walk across the river and climb to the fortress while you are there.

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The last time that we visited the Wuerzburg Residenz, we toured it on our own and it took us a couple hours. You can walk faster or slower as you wish.

I liked the fortress, Marienberg Festung, across the river better with a couple good museums devoted to the city and the area. It does take more time. The views of the city are quite good.

We devote 2-3 days to Würzburg but that is a matter of personal likes.

Regards, Gary

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I was in Würzburg in 2007. Spent two nights at Pension Spehnkuch (I believe still recommended by Rick). In the morning of the full day, I went to the Hbf and bought a WVV Grosswaben Tageskarte (now €4,45 pP, €8,90 Familie). Took Tram #2 from in front of the Hbf over to the base of the Marienberg hill and a bus to the Fortress. Toured the fortress, then the museum, and had lunch. After lunch, I took bus #9 over to the Residenz. Bus #9 goes between the Residenz and the Fortress every 45 min. I had a Bavaria Castle and Garden Pass, so I just went to the desk and signed up for a tour. At the start time of the tour, no one was there, so I just toured the Residenz myself. After the Residenz, I just walked back to Spehnkuch, which is near the Hbf.

Of the two, I much preferred Marienberg to the Residenz; I'm much more interested in history than over-the-top, gaudy homes.

If all you want to see is the residenz, it's a short walk from the station.

For the Marienberg, get the Tageskarte. It's 5 cent pP more than two single trip tickets (€2,20) but gives you more flexibility. Bus 18 leaves from the Busbahnhof to the right of the Hbf entrance as you come out and goes directly to the castle. Or, you can take tram #2 to Juliuspromanade, near the Residenz, and bus #9 from there. If you take the #2 tram all the way to Hartmannstr, on the other side of the river, it's about a 20 min walk to the castle.

Information for the transit system in Würzburg is at (in German). I assume you have decided to use a Bayern-Ticket that day since the VGN TagesTicket is not valid to Würzburg.

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We liked the Residence. The tour is about an hour (we took a German tour, you may have to wait for an English tour). The gardens behind the Residence probably will add a half hour or so (unless you plan a picnic), the chapel will add another fifteen minutes or so. I'd plan a minimum of two hours and you may want to linger longer.

Since you are there, it would be a shame to miss the fortress.

I like Wurtzburg a lot because it offers more than the average Romantic Road "burg".