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Wroclaw, Prague and Berlin

Me and my boyfriend are thinking of flying to wroclaw, then getting the bus/train or hitch-hick to prague, then onto Berlin, but we only have 7 days to do it. Is this feasible?! We found cheap flights to Wroclaw and back from Berlin so this is the reason for our choice. What I want to know is, is 7 days enough? We also want to make it a very cheap trip, and are considering camping, are these areas good for camping in? Any general information about these places would be great! Thank you!!

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7 days for those three cities are definitely not enough. Drop at least one of them. I am aware of a campground in Prague in an area called Dzban (Pitcher). It's quite far from the center besides you would have to carry your camping equipment. Good luck with hitchhiking then. My recommendation: hostels are way to go.