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Would you try to see Hallstatt this way?

In 10 days we will leave on our trip to Central Europe. At the begining of July we will be in Salzburg for two nights and about 1 1/4 days. Family of 5 with 3 children. We have a car.

My ambitious best case scenareo plan was to do this;

1) Arrive at B&B at about 6PM & check in. Go into the town center & have dinner and roam for an hour or so, then turn in.

2) Do "Maria's" SOM bike tour in the morning and early afternoon & see one or two additional sights in the town center until about 5PM

3) Get in the car and drive the 60-75 minute drive to Hallstatt, spend 1-2 hours there (and eat a simple dinner there), then drive back to our B&B in Salzburg before it gets completely dark.

4) Leave early the next day for the Melk Abbey and then Vienna (can't fit Hallstatt in that day, too)

So if this was your only shot to see Hallstatt in the next 10 years, would you do it this way? or would you just stay in Salzburg and chill out that evening and consider Hallstatt lost to too busy a schedule.

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Do whatever you have to do in order to see everything you can. In ten years you might be dead or destitute.

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I think it's worth going for the evening and for supper if the weather is good. If the weather turns nasty, I'd stay in Salzburg. Take the route around the lakes on the way and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We just spent several days in Hallstatt, using it as a base to explore the whole area. It doesn't take long to walk around the town. We did the salt mine tour which was really interesting and fun (kids would especially enjoy the slide inside) but I guess you wouldn't have time for that unless you arrived in Hallstatt much earlier in the day.

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It seems just a tad ambitious. I say keep it in as a potential and then see how you feel that day. I suspect getting 3 kids on board will be your biggest issue. Jet lag is no fun, I can't imagine it with kids.

However, if you go, I strongly recommend eating at Gasthof Simony. I had goulash and "ooo la la" - it was very good. The desserts were great too. Hallstatt is gorgeous, but not a lot to do there other than walk around and feed the ducks maybe.

As for the saltmine, we did do the hike up to the saltmine and had a little picnic once we got there (great views - scratch that - fantastic views). But we didn't actually tour the saltmine. Kids would probably love it, but adults I am not sure. And the admitance was STEEP! I am not usually one to balk at admittance prices, but that one seemed a bit high for something that might be "eh".

OH OH OH - one very cool thing that your kids might love too is the Catholic Church up the hill has a very cook crypt in the back. Not to be missed.

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IMO it'd be a shame to take your 3 kids to Hallstatt and have them miss the funicular railroad and the salt mine tour, both of which are a lot of fun. I'd try to figure out a way to get there earlier in the afternoon, before the last salt mine tour departs.

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Having been to Hallstatt, I wouldn't go out of my way to see it. Since you're thinking of investing 4+ hours in it, I'd use the time instead to take Bob's Special SOM tour (morning departure). It takes about the same amount of time, you'll see a lot of beautiful countryside and also visit several of the SOM film sites, and drive by a lake that is nicer than Hallstatt. Since you just have an hour or two in Hallstatt with this plan you'll get more out of the tour IMHO, and also they stop at a dry luge (weather permitting) which the kids will love! Then in the afternoon walk around Salzburg; go up to the castle, walk the old town, etc.

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To answer your question...I would not see Hallstatt if this was my time frame. It is a long drive just for dinner. If you want to get out into the lakes area for a meal, try St Gilgen or Mondsee. Both of them are on a beautiful lake and much closer to Salzburg. I have been to Hallstatt twice and even have a favorite restaurant there. However, it is too far for me to want to go for a meal. However, it is your trip and it is possible to do, so only you can decide. Hallstatt is nice, but so are many other towns in the area. I do think driving out into the lakes area is a worthwhile adventure. With a car, I would not use a tour to do it. (actually, I know you posted earlier about not wanting to do a SOM van or bus tour. Wanting to see the lakes area should not change your mind, since you have a car. It is much cheaper and easier to drive yourself to both St. Gilgen and Mondsee which is where these van tours go)

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Thanks all for the advice. I think we'll decide one way or the other when we are there but your advice was helpful. It's so hard to let go of a fine destination like that, so nearby. But that is always the problem for us, isn't it. There is always another great place nearby. Somewhere you have to draw the line.

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Randy, instead of going to Hallstatt, I would pack up the gang and head to the Wolfgangsee area. In the town of Fuschl Am See, there is a sommerroldebahn (summer tobaggan run). We actually stopped here from Hallstatt to Salzburg. This tobaggan run overlooks the lake--such a lovely setting. Here's the website to check it out: Your family would have a blast riding the tobaggan.

You could make a day of it by also driving to St. Gilgen and Mondsee which are both in the area. The former Abbey Church of St. Michael is in the town of Mondsee--the church where the wedding in the Sound of Music was filmed. There are also several restaurants in the abbey square where you can get the best apple strudel.

For a great souvenir, while in Salzburg, there is a store next to McDonald's (I believe to the left of it) that sells hand-painted egg ornaments. They're beautiful! They will pack them up for you.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun making lifetime memories with your family--we did!

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Denise, thanks for posting. Mondsee is where the Bob Special Tour went I couldn't remember the town name when I posted earlier) and I think the town is much more interesting than Hallstatt. Plus, its closer to Salzburg.

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Denise-we obviously are kindred spirits since we made similar recommendations!!

Randy-Denise is on to something with the luge ride idea. We did the Strobl one (same area, just down the road a piece) It really is fun. They tow you up backwards so you get to enjoy the view all the way up. The ride down is thrilling.