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Would Cochem or Beilstein be a better home base in the Mosel Valley

My husband and I are planning a to spend the last week in September 09 in the Mosel Valley. I first thought Cochem would be a good home base but have been reading that Cochem is very touristy and crowded. We loved Bacharach on the Rhine. Would Beilstein or another town be a better option? We are planning to make day trips but could change locations once during our trip. Suggestions on this area would be appreciated.

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We stayed in Beilstein in late October 2007 and it was very quiet then and we loved the location--stayed at Haus Lippmann with a nice view of the Mosel. The meals there were excellent. We chose this area in order to see Burg Eltz which we did manage to see on our first day after arriving in Frankfort. Wish we had added another day. All meals, including breakfast, were served by candlelight.

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In 2007 we stayed in Beilstein for 2 nights. we loved it. it is a very small unique village truly lovely and very traditional and you feel like you are in a fairytale book. It is right on river so we strolled the river after dinner and watched the barges go thru the locks. We ate dinner one nite in Cochem and enjoyed it, the town although it was bustling. If you have a car I would stay in Beilstein. We also stayed in Bacharach and loved it.

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I stayed in Treis-Karden last year and traveled by train and bus to both Cochem and Beilstein. In my opinion, Beilstein too small. I think I saw everything there was to see in about 2 hours. So, to see anything else in the area, you have to travel, and if you don't have a car, it's difficult to get in and out of with public transportation.

Cochem is much bigger with more accommodation options and more to do, and has much better public transportation connections.

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I was in this area in September 2001. Just be aware that towards the end of September, Cochem has a huge Octoberfest style party. I'm not sure how crowded it is normally, but during that celebration we could not even walk down the streets. (seriously, my husband and I would look ahead and point out a meeting place further on since we knew we could not stay together in the masses) I was very glad that we stayed in Zell.

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Cochem is maybe the most visit-worthy town in the valley and attracts a lot of visitors. It's not that there are hordes of visitors so much, but that the core area of interest, the old town, is pretty small and has narrow medieval streets - so it fills up fast during special events.

But it's not only tourists that are there - it's a real town aside from the tourism - and it's not only international tourists; most are German, the vast majority Europeans. There's a very festive and enjoyable atmosphere when busy (weekends or during Fests) and it's lovely when it's quiet as well. If you're going by public transport, Cochem is your best choice. If you want totally quiet, honeymoon-type stay, with very few places to dine and nothing much to do in the evening, try postage-stamp-sized Beilstein (a car is really helpful - no train station here.)