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Wooden Carvings to Purchase

I will be in the following areas of Germany, Rhine, Berlin, Rothenburg, Salzburg and Munich.
I would like to purchase a wooden carved nativity. Is there anywhere or near to where we are going to be to find something like this? I am looking for good quality nothing cheaply carved.

Thanks for the help,

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The ideal place to go for this would be among the Sorb ethnic group, who, if I'm not mistaken, live mostly in the states of Saxony and Brandenburg. They are well known for their religious carvings. Perhaps you could take a day trip from Berlin?

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If you are going to be close to Triberg in the Black Forest you may want to check out the link below.

Although more known for their cuckoo clock carvings they do other carvings as well. Maybe you could email them and ask about religious carvings.

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Oberammergau completely slipped my mind Rachel. Great suggestion.