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Women's Packing List: I need the real poop on bras

Rick's list for women say "1 extra bra." Extra generally means in addition to. Is 2 sufficient, if I am religious about hand washing? Or will I be asking for my undies to get in a bundle if I only take two?

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Depends on what you intend to do and what you are wearing. Also, if you are moving around from place to place a lot, you might not have time for a bra to dry sufficiently if you wash the extra every day. I take two in addition to the one I'm wearing.

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I agree with Nancy, I always take two in addition to the one I'm wearing.

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We just got back from France and my daughter and I each took 2, in addition to the ones we were wearing. I'm glad we did have a total of 3 because nothing dried quickly in the damp climate of Normandy and Brittany. Interestingly enough, her underwire bras dried a lot faster than my no-wire microfiber bras, so you may want to think about getting some underwires unless you hate them.

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My usual packing is to wear a quick dry comfortable sports bra on the flight over. This will wash and dry very quickly. Then I take 2 other bras that I know are comfortable and are good with all my outfits. I will hand wash these as needed. Bras are small don't stress.

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I went to Itlay and Switzerland for a week and took 3 in total (2 strapless, one nude coloured regular). It depends what kind of stuff you'll be doing (hiking, walking around as opposed to going to a play, fancy dress dinners,etc) and what colour your tops will be. I took the micro-fibre bras and washed them in the evening and they were dry by morning (probably from the lack of humidity!)

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Hi Jennie,

I always take 4 bras. One black, one white, a strapless and a t-back.

Just a note, do not wear a underwire bra on the plane. My senior citizen mother was recently strip searched when going through customs. It was very upsetting.

Have a wonderful trip.


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I try to take 2 bras plus the one I'm wearing plus a sports bra. [They don't take up much room.] If I'm going to be in a place two or three nights, I'll hand-wash as many bras at a time as I think will dry. After being searched in Toledo, Ohio, because I was wearing an underwire bra about three years ago (but it was also the only airport where I've ever been asked to remove my moneybelt and run it through the scanner separately), I quit wearing underwire bras through airport security but have since gone back to them in the past year (just much more comfortable on an eight-hour flight!) and have had no problems.

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I would bring at least 3 bras. We were in Prague last earlier this month. It was so hot and humid I sweated through a bra by lunch time. I like having a couple back-ups so that I don't have to wear a sweat bra for the rest of the day. If it's winter then maybe you can get away with two. But really bras don't take up much space.

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I ONLY own underwire bras (I don't have much of a choice ;) and I have NEVER been given a hard time at the airport because of it... In fact, I cannot remember the last time I set off a metal detector. I suppose if I had a choice, I would take that advice, though.

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I am with Amy.

I fly weekly wearing my underwire bra and it has NEVER set off the metal detector. Now if I set it off for some other reason it will beep when they wand me.

Seriously, if being "wanded" is upsetting then with the attitude of the TSA it's probably going to be dangerous to travel. Remember they firmly believe they can do anything they want at any time and "claim" it's for your safety. (of course while they are wanding you, the guy will be let on with guns, but....)

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Thanks, ya'll, for all the info. I am afraid of neither wand hold-ups by the TSA nor underwiredness, nor even bralessness (although I've never burned one, since I'm pretty sure they've mostly been made of synthetic fibers, and I'd've probably gotten sick from the fumes produced...).

I appreciate everyone's wisdom and humor on this matter!