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WOMEN: Dumb Hot Rollers Question

Hello Ladies, I have a dilemma. We have been going to Europe since 2002, and I have ruined a set of travel hot rollers everytime! Seems that when I plug them in, they simply do not get hot. This has happened each and everytime. Then when I get home and plug them in, they still do not work. Is anyone aware of what I'm doing wrong and/or a set I can purchase that is from there? I found a set of hot rollers in an electronics store in Germany, but it was a huge set, not a travel size. Anyone know of a website? I've searched and searched and cannot find. I cannot do curling irons, so that is out of the question for me. Plan to go back to France in a few months, and I'm dreading the hair situation. I know I'm not there for getting all dolled up, but I do like to fix my hair up a couple days a week... any ideas? Thanks!

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Try these: I don't leave the house without them. They are dual voltage so make sure you slide the switch on the bottom before you plug them in. They get very hot very fast on the European voltage which is a bonus. I've never had an issue with them not working and I've probably used a dozen different sets of the same product overseas. Have a good trip (and hair)!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will look into it for sure!!!

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I have used both Conair and Remington with no problems. You aren't using the bathroom plug are you? Would suggest you find a plug in the
room..sometimes this is very difficult.