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Old law on books.....been to Paris 3 times and wore "trousers" each time. Don't think I would worry about getting arrested. Not enough room in Paris jails to hold all the women that this would apply to on any given day.

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How in the world did Coco Chanel ever break into the business with this law in force? The horror!

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You miss the point. The fact is that the French men wanted the women to go nekkid.

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You want to see what everyone is wearing? Just Google map an area in Paris, switch on the steet view, and take a look around.

My wife and I wore jeans everwhere and anywhere we went........and so does everyone else!

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There are whole books and websites devoted to silly, outmoded, and unenforced laws here in the United States, so why shouldn't Europe have some, too.

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Mark took the words right out of my moutn, lots of strange laws still on the books here in the US.