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Woman arriving in Paris and going to Hotel from airport

Hi My husband will be in Paris, before me, for work I arrive in late April from Canada by myself than will have to get from the airport to his Hotel , which most likely will be by Champs-Elysées I will be arriving about 7pm . My husband can not meet me as he will still be at work. How safe will I be? Will taking a train to some point in the basic area of the Hotel and than a cab be a safe way to get to the Hotel by myself? Any other woman had to do the same thing by herself?

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Danell, I am from Victoria B.C.. I have travelled alone to Paris several times. I have also taken my kids to europe without my husband. I have visited the city with girlfriends and family. Paris is safe. You do not need to worry. Champs Elysees is boring area though, and pick pockets love the fact that there are so many tourists in the area( well there are pickpockets in many places, but the Champs a good target area for them since it attracts alot of shoppers) If hubby has any choice in hotel I would totally recomend he choose one in the 4th , 5th or 6th ,, 6th is closest to the Champs area if thats any help. You can definately take the RER(trian) into Paris and then either switch to metro, or take a taxi, but after a 12 hour flight,, just take a taxi. "It will cost about 50 euros, but its worth it cause you sound a bit nervous, and you will be tired.

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The Air France bus (you need not be an Air France passenger) leaves from CDG and goes to Champs-Elysées/Etoile and the cost is €15. If indeed the hotel is one near there you can walk (be sure to have a map) or take a cab.

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Second vote for the Air France bus directly to the Champs Elysee/Etoile area. You should be able to walk to your hotel and not need either a train or metro.

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Hi Thank you everyone for your great suggestions Im starting to feel much better - but I found out the area of the hotel may be changed! But I think I hear from you , its safe getting around in the evening by myself!