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A group of friends and I have just decided to go to Germany later on this year. We'd all like to visit Wittenberg.Most of my travel experience is in southern Germany so I'm a little unsure of how to fit it in. We'll probably cruise the Rhine,visit Rothenburg and also go to Fuessen.Knowing that it's about 5 hours away from our most northern point, what's the most logical way to fit in Wartburg Castle and Wittenberg? How long we stay, whether we rent a car or go by train and which airports we fly in to and out of will depend on how we make this work.Any help is appreciated.

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Anyway you cut it, Wittenberg is not going to be near the rest of your travel, but I would think that on your "way" to Rothenburg would fit in the most logically.

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While Wittenberg and Eisenach, where the Wartburg is located, are multiple hours away from the other places you would like to see, they are both well worth the trip, and I can understand why you want to explore them. One possible way to combine both areas would be to fly into Leipzig/Halle Airport (via connection thru Frankfurt) . Don't rent a car right away; instead, travel by train or bus first to Wittenberg, then Eisenach. Take the train to Köln. Pick up a southbound Rhine cruise, and THEN rent a car in the Frankfurt area for the rest of your trip. You could then easily travel to Rothenburg, go down the Romantic Road, and head south for Füssen and Bavaria. Fly home from Munich, or make a loop out of it and return the car and fly home from Frankfurt. I'm sure you will get plenty of other ideas as well ... whatever you choose, have a great time!

Note: the Wartburg sits on top of a steep cliff, and you need to be prepared to walk up many wide, stone stairs to get to it. There are railings - it's not scary - but you need to be able to climb stairs comfortably. Once you are at the top, though, it's nice and flat. And a very impressive fortress !