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winter trip in Austria

going to Kitzbuhel to ski 4 days and then plan travel in Austria for 4 days, flying in and out from Munich - should we rent car in Munich and drive or go by train AND should we travel to Vienna or stick closer to Salzburg ?? ps-have not been to Austria before

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My choice would be Vienna. There is much more to see/do there. Given that it is winter I would take the train.

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If you rent a car, make sure to request snow chains. Saved my behind this weekend in Switzerland.

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I love to drive and have done the route to Salzburg many times... however, I just did the drive from Munich to Salzburg and back in Nov. and although I was lucky with the weather when those few snow flurries started and then the fog rolled in I decided if I traveled there in the winter again I would definitely take the train. The drive in the summer is fantastic, but if you are delayed a day or two by the roads it can put a big damper on your trip. You do not need a car in either Salzburg or Vienna.... my vote is for Salzburg as it is the perfect size town for me. Just big enough so there is a lot to do, but also totally walkable.

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Salzburg is lovely and well worth seeing but there is not that much to "sightsee" there, not more than a full day really. Whereas Vienna could entertain someone for much, much longer. So I'd suggest Vienna. If you're flying out of Munich, you could always spend 3 nights in Vienna, train to Salzburg, overnight there, and then train to Munich for your flight out (provided it's not too early). Or even leave Vienna in the morning, see Salzburg for the day, get back on the train to Munich and overnight there for an earlier flight out the next morning. I've done two trips to Salzburg as "day trips" from Munich (to get better value out of a Railpass) and it worked out fine.

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You could do Vienna from Kitzbuhel then back to Munich in 4 days. If you aren't used to driving in the mountains in snow, then I suggest the train. Salzburg is worth a stop along the way, if not a substitute for Vienna just due to the time constraint. Another option is head to Zell Am See from Kitzbuhel, up to Salzburg for a bit, then over to Munich.

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Hi Virginia, I went to Vienna and Salzburg last year in November for the Christmas Markets and I prefer Salzburg over Vienna because it is so much more quaint. I went to Vienna first and it was nice but it was much more city than Salzburg. Salzburg is more of a village. You can easily walk to almost everything you want to see. I traveled by train or air for this trip and for the trip I did to Munich in September 2007. I don't know about car travel here but at least you drive on the same side of the street as here in the states so that is a plus. ha ha Hope you get a chance to see Salzburg and love it like I do! Happy Travels