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Winter Travel in France

My husband and I are planning a trip to France for about 10 days beginning December 26, and would appreicate recommendations on travel-friendly destinations for this time of the year. We plan to visit (and perhaps stay in) Paris for some of the time, but were wondering if either or both the Loire Valley (with the castles/palaces) or the Burgundy arrea (with the wineries, villages) would be good options for trips out and about. We'll likely rent a car for the jaunts outside the city. Thanks for any feedback for winter travelers!

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I love France around the Xmas holidays - we go to Paris every year in November/December. France is, of course, open for business the year 'round. If I were you, I would make a list of things I want to see/visit in both areas (Loire Valley, Burgundy) and then check on-line to see what is open and what is closed for your travel window. Christmas markets are a big draw in much of France (and Europe) and make for wonderful places to visit during a winter trip. Many of them don't close until after the new year, so... after you will have arrived. Lots of good resources on-line. Unlike a lot of travelers, I think that seeing a European destination in winter is amazing - I don't need the summer heat, and the crowds turn me off.... the life of a place when the tourists have gone is absolutely vital to an understanding of it. And of course the further sourh you go, the warmer....

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I love winter in Europe. Some of the smaller town may be dead so check online before you visit. Most tourist hot spots are open year round and will not be crowded. Days are shorter but I get out early and by the time the sun goes down, I've had enough sightseeing for one day. I then take in a good dinner which could last hours in France. Also, if you like opera, winter is best. I'm planning to leave for France at the end of November and will stay in Avignon, Lyon and Paris.