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Wine Tours in Bordeaux

Are wine tours available in Bordeaux other than through a tour company that offers chateau stays, etc.? Can you just go to a winery and take a tour like you can in the Napa valley of Calif.?

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I stayed in Bordeaux for 3 days last summer. Wine tours of some vineyards were offered via bus at the tourist office in the train station. The buses departed from right in front of the train station.

You can buy tickets at the tourist office for the bus tours, but you might want to do so as far in advance as possible - I showed up the day of a wine tour hoping to buy in, and it was sold out. So I had to settle for enjoying Bordeaux wine at some local restaurants and cafes. Good luck!

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check out for general info....the big wine festival is in June when the city of Bordeaux ( as opposed to the wine region as a whole) has a huge festival and people come from all over the world to enjoy and make can also rent a car and make up your own tour schedule...all the chateaus and wineries are listed and you can pick and choose what appeals to you...alternatively if you are staying in a hotel or B&B ,quite often they can reccomend and offer their own smaller tours...I did my own wine tour of the Loire last spring as I rented a car and simply looked up the wineries in my guidebooks and went there ! It was a lot of fun and I picked the ones that I was interested in and not just the" big " name chateaus that most tours is nice to do a sample of both small and large wineries...some of the best wines I sampled and purchased came not from the "big" names but the smaller wineries and they are in general much more personable and helpful in answering questions and educating you about that region's wines...sometimes the bigger co's tend to be a little "snotty" and demeaning if you don't know a lot about their wines or are not a big buyer ! When that occurred to me I just ignored the attitude and insisted on persuing my interests with them regardless ! Bordeaux is all about wine...there are a lot of choices...good luck in fine-tuning what works best for you !