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Wine tasting in the Loire Valley

Does anyone have tips for touring wineries in the Loire Valley? We travel by car from Paris early one day sightseeing along the way and than have anorther full 3 days. We are staying near Blois at a place called Chateau La Touche. We had thought about a day tour but they all involved driving quite far to and from to join the tour and having a car we have decided maybe it is best to do our own things. ANy suggestions or recommendation welcome!

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We really enjoyed our visit and tour of the Marc Bredif winery in the hamlet of Rochecorbon, just outside Tours. Their Vouvray wine is excellent and their 2 Km of caves make for a very fun tour.

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I recommend strongly to buy The Michelin Guide: The Wine Regions of France. You can find in English (I have it) or French. I bought in Border's, but I thing you will have oportunitty in another bookstore Good Trip!

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I visited the TI in Blois and think they had a winery map for sale.If not, if you drive from one chateau to another you will see tasting rooms and small stores with local products along the route. Enjoy the serendipity- what a beautiful area. The roads are fine but a GPS is very useful.

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Although the loire Valley is more known for its white wines (Vouvray eg) also look out for the red wines of Chinon. They are underappreiated but very proud of their wines- you should get a good welcome for seking them out

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It's not a winery, but if you drive along route D751 (that's the road that runs along the south bank of the Loire) from Amboise in the direction of Chambord, you will pass at least a few wine caves. I visited one of them (forget which). The proprietor was a jolly old soul, and we happily bought a few bottles.