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Wine tasting in Paris –advice?

My wife and I are headed to Paris in March for several days. We would like to do an organized wine tasting that will expand our knowledge of the different French wine regions (and be fun too!). Any recommendations?

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Shawn - Paris, unfortunately, lies at some distance from France's wine regions. It's closest to Champagne and the Calvados (an apple brandy) of Normandy.

So, tasting wine in Paris is much like tasting wine in any metropolitan area. You go to wine shops. One ubiquitous chain is Nicholas. I'd go into the first one you see (it should be to the left and across the street when you step out of your hotel - I don't care where you're staying) and ask if it offers tastings (degustations). If they don't, they'll know who does nearby.

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You can attend a small group wine tasting sponsored by and can buy your tickets on line before you go if you like.

They have several tastings to choose from, number of wines, etc.

I attended the wine and cheese tasting luncheon. It was absolutely spectacular! There were 6 of us attending, and we had a most informative and fun 2-hour lunch.

It was June, 2008 when I went to this, and it was so awesome I plan on going again this June, 2009.

Let me know any questions, that their web site does not answer.