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Which Tour to Take??

We are trying to decide which tour to take next. We have already done the Europe in 21 Days tour. Our top three choices are Villages of Italy, Paris and Southern France and Spain & Portugal. Just wondered if anyone has done more than one of these tours and can tell me which one they recommend.

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Barbara, for clarification, are you talking about Rick's tours??

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Barbara, since you have already done a tour you are not a total newbie to Europeon travel now right? If you decide to take another tour I would take one that actually includes moving around(say Villages in Italy) . I would NOT take a tour to Paris. You can easily manage a one stop like that on your own now. You could book a few daytrip tours , a walking tour in Paris perhaps? You could easily research which museums interest you and plan a iterienrary that intrests you. You could also use the Hop on and Off bus tours that do routes around the city hitting all major sites and you just hop on and off as you please for one set price.

I am nt against the tours, I think they definately have a place, but I just think for a single city visit you can manage just as well on your own , and probaly even better.

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Yes, I am talking about a Rick Steves Tour. Have you been on any of the tours we are considering? Since we have been to Paris on our previous tour, I am a little reluctant to do the Paris & Southern France tour but we have also been to several places in Italy on our previous tour. We had thought to do the Spain & Portugal tour but just haven't been blown away by the itinerary.

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There are other tour companies you could consider. The Globus tours are very good, so maybe you should look at their itineraries.

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Barbara, the key question is....where do you want to go? If the Spain & Portugal Itinerary didn't thrill you, and you're not so inclined to do Paris and Southern France, then that leaves Villages of Italy.

I agree with Pat that it doesn't pay to do a "tour" if visiting one city--although you can sometimes get a great package air/hotel deal. I'd only tour if going to different places.

Now, about Globus. That was one of the tour companies I worked for and I can tell you that their tours are night and day different from RS tours. I'm not saying one is better than the other, I'm just saying the way they are run and type of passenger they get are completely different.

I won't go into details here but if you want to PM me with specific questions, then I'll be happy to try to help.