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Which of these options makes sense for my bags?

I have been planning all along to not check bags. We have packed lightly and can take a small roll-on and small backpack each on the plane.

However, we do have a long layover and I wanted to take the kids into town. That means we have to check the bags. The site says that the charge is 4.50 Euro per bag. Yikes! That would be over $40.00 for us to check our bags for 3 hours (we are 6 people).

What if I just check the bags through? We are traveling on Air Berlin into Orly. I would save the money and hassle, would have more time on our layover, and I don't need the bags until Paris.

Thoughts? Advice? Experiences?

Many thanks.

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I would be very tempted to do exactly as you suggest.

The argument for carry-on is chiefly (1) to avoid lost bags and (2) to skip the wait at baggage claim on arrival. The first is a concern, but the inconvenience of the second is more than paid for by the convenience of being bag-free in "town." (You don't say where that is, but the principle is the same.)

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Thank you.

We will be in Dusseldorf for seven hours. We would like to jump in a cab and head into town. We then fly on to Paris.

The Air Berlin reviews I have read say they are good with luggage but it is always a risk.

But I still think that the price and hassle x 6 makes checked baggage look more appealing. We could also board with less hassle.

Anyway, thank you again.

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Yes, check the bags through in your situation.

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Cecily, we just flew from Orly to Munich on Air Berlin. Air Berlin was nice to deal with, and we checked all of our baggage and it was all reunited with us in Munich without problems. We used the OrlyVal train to get from Antony station to the Orly Airport. The OrlyVal is extremely nice. Our big mistake was traveling through La Chatelet with baggage...what a NIGHTMARE!!! don't do it. Other than that, no problem whatsoever.

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Cecily, keep 1 bag to carry on the items you cannot live without. On the outside tag of the checked luggage, write the date and destination of the bag. That way if the bag does get mis routed, the outside has the airport destination (or even hotel) and the date its supposed to arrive.

I also recommend writing the destination in the inside of the bag, incase the outside tag falls off.

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