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Which museums in Munich?

I am going to Munich in a few months. What museums, etc. do people suggest? Science museum, Munich City Museum, Bayerische National Museum? Which art museums are good? Residenz or Nyphemburg Palace? I won't have time to see all of these.

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i only visited the residenz and the nyphemburg palace. both places worth a short visit. heard some good things about the BMW factory visit but it was booked during my time there. you may want to try that too.

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I saw the Deutsches Museum (by which I think you mean the Science Museum). It was worthwhile, very interesting, and worth at least a day. The aircraft exhibit, with a German F-104, a Messerschmidt, and a Fokker Tri-plane, was impressive.

I also found the Munich City Museum interesting, but it was entirely in German. When I was last there, they had a display on the development of Munich, with maps, drawings, and models, with dates. Dates translate well.

I saw the Residenz years ago; I thought it was tedious. I've been to Nymphenburg. Liked it well enough to go back. I particularly enjoyed walking through the park and visiting other buildings on the property.

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We enjoyed Nymphenburg but it really was a whole day trip. The residenz was a bit more centrally located and also interesting. It also was mostly indoors (so we avoided the rain outside) The science museum is also quite good.

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if you are interested in art, then the Lenbachhaus is a must see - you'll find kandinsky, macke, klee
and all blue rider group's works.

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It does come down to your interests and your patience.

Like Lee, I found the Residenz tedious. There were some interesting rooms but the self-tour to my taste went on forever. It is collocated with Schatzkammer which is a small gem like many of its exhibits. I would see the Schatzkammer w/o the Residenz.

We also visited the Bayerische National Museum. It just had too much of everything. It had dozens of manger scenes for example. They were quite interesting at first but wore us out before we could find our way out of that area. It had not one miniature city but several of them. There were rooms upon rooms filled with medieval art. The Wittelsbachs were acquisitive if nothing else. I normally like like art and history museums but BNM was just too much of a good thing.

One wonders that the Wittelsbachs were not deposed earlier, the way that the spent the state's money.

The smaller Schack Galerie is devoted to dreamy 19C paintings: Romanticism. It was interesting to us, probably because it was not overdone.

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The Deutshces Museum is one of my favourites, as it's got such a wide variety of exhibits - everything from airplanes to computers to textiles to radio. There are 16 kM of exhibits at the main site, as well as two satellite museums. It's not hard to spend a full day exploring!

The Residenz and other museums are more suitable if you want a better view of the history of some of the royalty that once ruled that area.

You might also consider one of the walking tours to get a good overview of the city.

Happy travels!