which city in Germany?

I will be in Prague and want to go to germany at the end of my trip Should I go to Munich or Berlin.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Ah...the eternal question. Have a look at This Helpline thread for a start. To give you a preview, it's like asking "Dallas or Houston?"

Posted by Ilja
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I saw both and it depends on your mood. It takes about the same time to get to Munich or to Berlin from Prague. Munich is old, resembles Prague more than Berlin which is modern and much bigger. I liked both. You can see a lot in both cities so google it, look at the pictures, read guides and then decide what you would like to see more. All three cities have very good beer. If I have to rate it then Prague, Munich, Berlin.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Holly, Both cities are beautiful and well worth visiting. I agree with previous suggestions to check some Guidebooks or the web, to decide which has the sights that would interest you the most. Munich has a few interesting possibilities in terms of attractions and day trips. I really enjoy the somewhat "compact" downtown area around Marienplatz, and of course the Hofbrauhaus is always a good place to enjoy a "cool one". There are some other interesting sights and of course lots of history. The incredible Deutsches Museum has 16 kM of exhibits, and two "satellite" locations with more to see. Some possible day trips from Munich include Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles in Füssen, perhaps a day trip or one night in Salzburg or a visit to Berchtesgaden. There are lots of possibilities in either city. Happy travels!

Posted by Martin
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After Prague Munich will be more of the same. More Catholic churches, more baroque buildings, more sugar-sweet Eurodisney. Berlin is completely different; a modern, dynamic metropolis that never sleeps. Not beautiful, but exciting. And contrary to popular belief Berlins surroundings offer as many sights as Munichs! Want to see a fairytale castle? Go to Schwerin. Want to see palaces and parks? Go to Potsdam, which not only offers Sanssouci but four more parks with many palaces. Want nature? Spreewald is a nice daytrip. Medieval town? Wittenberg, where Luther lived and the Protestant reformation started. But you could also go to Dresden instead, which is close to the Czech border. The city is very pleasant, offers great museums and is a very good base for day trips. You could see many medieval towns, like Meissen (where the porcelain comes from), Pirna, Freiberg, Bautzen or Görlitz (lately discovered by Rick Steves), buy some wine in Radebeul (Germanys smallest wine-growing region), hike in Saxon-Switzerland, take a paddle steamer and explore one of the biggest fortresses in Europe, or buy Christmas stuff in the Ore mountains (Seiffen, a village, is like one huge Käthe Wohlfahrt shop).

Posted by Brad
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I love Munich but I think Prague, Vienna and Berlin make a nice, logical set.

Posted by Emily
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I'd do Dresden for a night or two, then on to Berlin. Dresden is vastly underrated-a fantastic mid-sized city with lots of charm and great beer. And, well, Berlin, there's just no other place quite like it in the world. Hip, like London, but less expensive. Fast-paced, like New York, but not as noisy or congested. Incredible museums, like Paris, but without the monstrous lines.
You will not regret either city.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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I would say Berlin, but I'm biased towards it. You'll get a more unique experience compared to Prague in Berlin than you would in Munich. I like the Dresden then Berlin idea as well. Nurnberg is also very charming but if I had my choice of Berlin or Nurnberg, I wouldn't think twice about choosing Berlin.

Posted by Michael
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Agree with Martin. Spent 5 days there in sept and love the city and surroundings. Many outside cafe's, don't forget the train museum, etc. I have not been able to get there in opera or symphony season but that's on the list. Then Berlin which doesn't need days but weeks. Truely a outstanding and international city. I was there in the 60's and I for one cannot believe what I see today.

Posted by Chani
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I would also check on open-jaw flights and see what's available. A significant price or scheduling factor could make one destination better for you than the other.

Posted by Anneta
Hamburg, SH, Deutschland
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Without wanting to be too controversial...you may well find Munich to be a little bit friendlier and more of a contrast to Prague. It is particularly great in the Christmas Market season. We're forecast snow this weekend in the southern parts so it would be look like the old cliché of a German Christmas - in a good way of course.

Posted by Rob
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I much prefer Munich. Berlin, to me, is just another large city. Yes, it has history, but it's just to big and modern for my taste. I truely love Munich!

Posted by Fred
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Hi, Since you'll be in Prague, logistically Berlin is the obvious choice since it's a bit over four hours from Prague. But if you don't need to consider distance, then both cities are available. My choice is Berlin. I like visiting both cities and always go back to Berlin, not so with Munich.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Holly, Just to clarify some of the transportation information. Both Berlin and Munich are easily reachable from Prague. Travel time from Prague hl.n to Munich by Bus is as short as 4H:39M (slightly longer by train). The Buses are modern coaches, and are marketed on the DB website with the trains. Travel time from Prague hl.n to Berlin Hbf is as short as 4H:44M via direct train (no changes but several stops). I travelled that route in the opposite direction last year, and it's a very pleasant trip. Good luck with your choice of cities.

Posted by Larry
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I vote for Munich. I think it's my favorite city in Germany.