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Where to stay in or near Munich

I am having a terrible time finding accommodations in Munich for my husband, myself and 20 something daughter. We would prefer not to book two rooms if possible. We do not need to be near the train station as we will have a car. Our dates there are 9-13-12 through 9-17-12 Any suggestions?

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Just checked Marriott's website and all 4 of their Munich hotels show availability those dates. Sofa beds in many rooms for extra person.

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As seasoned business traveler I can assure you there are no good hotels in Munich. If you have a car there are two decent hotels just outside of the city. One is in the North, one in the South. In the North is the, with free parking and a grocery store just across the street. They have everything from rooms to little apartments for longer stays. Breakfast is great there, too. They're just off an exit of the A9 freeway (half way between airport and downtown) yet in a quite neighborhood. In the South in Starnberg, also just off the freeway from downtown Munich is the
Of course this is in an excellent location to explore the Alps as it's already just off the freeway between Munich and Garmisch.

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"As seasoned business traveler I can assure you there are no good hotels in Munich." Trolling? I've stayed at two good hotels in Munich, but I'd doubt I'd want to pay to park in a centrally-located place.

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I usually look for pensions. I've had great luck with pensions all over Germany and Munich is no exception. Normally, I just have a list to call, then call when I'm getting into the area and tell them what I need . If you prefer booking ahead, try calling. I've had trouble booking online when it's not either the "normal" single adult or pair of adults. If you're concerned about the cost of calling Europe, Skype is a good choice. You can use your computer to call Europe for a couple of cents a minute. Some services, ours is Vonage, offer free calls to most European land lines (but not cell phones).

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Check out Hotel Laimer Hof. Owned and operated by Alexandra & Sebastian Rosch. Sebastian spent a year going to high school in Michigan on an exchange program and he speaks wonderful English! Hotel located in a villa originally on the Nymphenburg palace grounds - driving there would be easy plus it's very close to large tram exchange. We stayed there in 2009 during the winter and, easily, walked to trams for our transportation. Lovely neighborhood! I know we paid less than 100 Euros, which included breakfast.

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Oktoberfest 2012 starts 17 September. The usual recommendations will not work as most everything is already booked up. If you do not want to go to Oktoberfest, it is not a good time to visit Munich. There are hundreds of other great cities in Germany. If you want to visit Oktoberfest, then you will likely have to reserve an overpriced room if you can find one. You might look in Landshut. It is about 45 minutes by train from Munich. There are still several rooms available per I have stayed in the Cristallo. Its single rooms are 61 euros and double rooms 81 euros. It is less than 1/2 mile from the train station. It had large rooms and a good breakfast. Landshut is worth seeing on its own. Using a Bayern Ticket to travel, it is about 30 euros for the whole day.

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it's not high season so you may consider using the munich airport hotel desk. i used it twice very satisfied with what they found for me. they can find places in the suburbs with good values if you have a car.

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This is a popular recommendation here, so maybe you'll have some luck...maybe not. It's not far from the main station, and they have free parking. Quiet street, nice place, I liked it: "As seasoned business traveler I can assure you there are no good hotels in Munich." I'm assuming this is a joke?

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I agree with hotel Uhland, and you would not have to book 2 rooms (if available) when we were there, we had a room for 4 adults.
Good Luck!

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Munich Courtyard (Marriott) DOWNTOWN. A new location for them. We are there in June.

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On two separate trips, we have stayed at Gastehaus Bauer in Gauting which is southwest of Munich. From there, it's a 5 minute walk to the S-bahn which takes you into the city. They do not have a website, however, here is their e-mail address: This B&B is in a residential area and is easily accessible by car. To find accommodations in other towns in and around Munich, use this format: Example would be Have a great trip!

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Hotel Splendid Dollman is a lovely hotel, nice residential neighborhood, a pleasant 20min walk from center. Not an inexpensive hotel, 130 to 200 euro, but they will add an extra bed in some rooms for a 25euro surcharge. Don't know if they have availability, but if this is not a budget-buster for you, the hotel and environs are very nice, very comfortable.