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Where to stay in Munich

We're wanting to stay 2 days in Munich, but I'm having a hard time deciding where to stay. We'll have an early flight out on our last morning, but I'm not sure if I want to stay out by the airport and take the train in to town every day. How far is it by train to get from the airport area into town (or vice versa)? We're a family of 4. I'm not that excited about looking at a long train ride back to the hotel each night, but also not wanting a long one to the airport to leave, either. That makes me a bit nervous.

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In addition to the subway, there's a Lufthansa bus leaving from behind the train station which stops at each terminal but is around 10 Euro a person; trip takes about 40 minutes but the subway (U-Bahn = Untergrundbahn) is probably cheaper and a little faster. You could have your hotel order a cab the night before to take you to the station nearest your hotel. If you stay near Marienplatz in central Munich, the subwaystation is right near the large fountain. It goes straight to the airport. At the airport there is a supermarket in one of the terminals, where coffee and pastries, as well as prepackaged sandwiches (refrigerated) are sold at about half the price of the coffee shop. When I left from Munich, I missed the breakfast buffet at my hotel due to my early departure; the woman who checked my bag told me to skip the coffee shop and walk to the supermarket, which I did. Having the sandwich and a piece of fruit was nice, because they don't serve any food right away once you're on the plane.