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Where to Stay in France

We're intending to go to France this fall, renting a house or villa, and staying about a month. We want to be in the countryside, not in the big city, to do a bit of the "Year in Provence" style thing, but just for a month. We also want it to be reasonably central to good sights so we can take day trips from it. We've spent time in Paris so it doesn't need to be close to there. Do you have suggestions on what area of France to stay in? Also, any recommendations on either specific rentals or rental agencies?

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As presented, your question is very broad. France is a large and diverse country. I think I could happily spend a month almost anywhere in France, especially in the fall. What a great choice to have!

What interests you? Wineries? Midieval villages? Historic battle sites? If you like the idea of the "Year in Provence", do you want suggestions for Provence?

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Richard, when you have the home page of VacationInParis on screen, click on "all apartments" and scroll to the very end for other-than-Paris offerings. Also, you might use their toll free number [click on CONTACT]. VacationInParis has headquarters in the USA - and they may know of something of interest to you.
bon voyage! p.

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For rentals, try We've had good success with apartments from them. You get in touch with the actual owner, and they encourage past guests to post reviews.

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Try George has a house for rent in Menerbes, the town that Peter Mayle wrote about. I have rented apartments in New Orleans from him for years, and in 2005, rented a Paris apartment from him. I have always had a good experience with him.

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Doug, we've been to France several times before so I certainly agree that we could spend a month almost anywhere. In fact, that's generally true of anywhere in Europe. With the exception of Paris, we've generally used our trips to travel from one place to another, as opposed to working out of a single location. I purposely left it wide open to see what others, like you, had to suggest. Our interests are broad, including history, wine, food, and the culture in general.

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Try either, owners rent their own properties.
Also I used to rent a villa in Italy and it worked out great. I know that they have beautiful places in France as well.

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Bonjour Richard-

We have had excellent results for many years renting a gite for one or more weeks. Government subsidies and inspections seem to keep these charming locally owned places reasonably priced and fairly described.The general site []
will lead you to the regional booking sites throughout France. We have found descriptions and photos to be accurate. Suggest you look at those with ratings of 3 corn ears or more. Most involve exchange via snail mail of a formidable contract in French and deposit in Euros; but it has always worked ok for us.

A specific recommendation is for where we were last June. The Gard region is a little west of Provence near Nimes and the Pont du Gard. []

Au revoir.