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Where to stay in Braubach?

I'm having trouble finding recommendations on the Rick Steves site for Accomadations in Braubach. I was hoping to drop off the luggage and then head to the Castle. Anyone know one that is close to the KD boat docks?

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When I visited Braubach, I came in on the train and did not spend the night there. However, I had lunch here before going up to the castle. I seemed like a nice enough place, and they have reasonably priced rooms. It's right in the market square, very close to the KD dock. From the KD dock, there are two pedestrian underpasses under the highway leading to the old town. Goldener Schlüssel is also in the market area, but it's website is only in German. There is a list of accommodations in Braubach on their website,, but it's also in German. Look under Gastgeber. There is a little shuttle that meets each boat and takes people to the castle and it goes right through the market, but I don't think they stop long enough to check in. I had lunch at Weinhaus Wieghardt, then hiked up the hill to the castle. It look foreboding from the bottom but didn't take that long.

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We will be coming in from doing other things and we planned to spend the night and do not want to haul our luggage to the Castle. I believe I have read that there are no storage lockers here so this is why we are looking for accomadations. anyone else?