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Where to stay in Berner Oberland?

Was curious about Murren, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, etc. I don't want to stay in Interlaken but would like to be able to see the area, make the Jungfrau train and more. I plan to be there 3 nights in July.

Any recommendations on the ideal city and possible hotels would be most appreciated.


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Gimmelwald is Rick's favorite in the Berner Oberland region, but it is not the only or even the best place. It is a collection of houses and farms; there are no shops there. It is pleasant but not necessarily better than Muerren which is just up the hill and does have shops and restaurants. Wengen is on the other side of the valley (Lauterbrunnental) and a bit bigger and more resorty than Muerren.

None of these is "best" but one might be better for you. If you are young (or young at heart) and traveling alone you might like the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald. Another good choice (suitabe foranyone) is Chalet fontana in Muerren.

Wengen is better positioned for going up the JUngfraujoch, but are you sure you want to do that?

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I'd also recommend either Gimmelwald or Murren for stays in that area. You could also consider Lauterbrunnen, which is "on the way" to both of the other locations.

The Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald is very popular and has a great reputation, but you could also consider Esther's or the Gimmelwald Pensione.

Murren is larger and has a greater selection of Hotels, B&B's and restaurants, as well as a Co-Op Store.

Be sure not to confuse Gimmelwald with the more touristy (and expensive) Grindelwald.

Happy travels!

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Subjective pocket sketch of choices:

1) Gimmelwald--tiny amazing undeveloped mountain village full of Rick Steves fans (but that doesn't matter much, the scenery absorbs them).

2) Murren and Wengen--developed mountain resort towns in stunning locations; more food and lodging choices here than in Gimmelwald.

3) Laterbrunnen--Vally town, nearer to Interlaken and non-mountain rainy-day activities.

Gimmelwald and Murren are next to each other on the Schilthorn side of the valley. Wengen in on the Jungfrau side. Laterbrunnen is in the middle. However, unless you have zero interest in the Schilthorn, I don't think you save much logistical hassle by choosing one over the others.

Note that though I've visited all these places I have only slept in Gimmelwald. My take is whichever side of the valley you pick it is absolutely worth sleeping in the mountains.

It's a beautiful place, have fun!

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