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Where to stay for Christmas in Paris with 3 children

My family is planning a trip to Paris over the Christmas holiday. (We will have been in Portugal for 2 months just prior to our trip.) There are 5 of us, including our 3, 5, and 7 year old daughters. The array of options to stay in Paris is a tad bit overwhelming. I've been looking for an apartment to rent for the week we'll be there, but was wondering if anyone had some advice on the best area to stay with kids in Paris? Thanks!

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An apartment is definitely the way to go. I have used and successfully. Other people swear by and Vacation in Paris. For the best area to stay, I think the Marais (4th), Latin Quarter (5th) and St. Germaine (6th) are the most central. Try to stay as close to the river as possible.

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Agree with Andrea, an apartment would be the best. An apt usually includes a washing machine and sometimes a dryer.. a big advantage over a hotel. For kids the ages yours are, I'd stay in the 5th or 6th arrondissement between the Luxembourg Gardens and the river. They, and you, will LOVE the Luxembourg Gardens. Great place for kids.. wonderful playground, carousel, marionette shows, pony rides, boat sailing, 2 cafes, crepe stand, ice cream, cotton candy, restrooms, live music on weekends at the bandstand, comfy chairs to sit in. It's my favorite place in Paris.

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I think an apartment is the best way to go as you will have space and privacy. Plus you can cook meals indoors and not have to eat out all of the time and also prepare snacks for your little ones. I would have a look on as they have a few nice apartments in Paris that are in the Montemarte area. I hope this helps!

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Monmarte is fun for the kids, but DO make sure it is not near Pigale. We rented an apartment once, and in order to get to the metro from that location had to walk past all the sex shops, etc. Google Map it. We were happy we didn't have kids with us! I feel the location was misrepresented, as it was on the very border of Monmartre, the rest of the area was very cute and artsy.

I like the Eiffel Tower area (arrondisement #7) I took my granddaughter last summer, and she loved walking to the tower every night for the lighting. There are parks, pizza places, and of course the kiddie rides at the Tower.