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Where to stay between Neuschwanstein, Germany to Lauterbrunnen

Hey All-
We are traveling from Neuschwanstein, Germany to Lauterbrunnen, Switerland in October and need a 'mid-point' to stay the night in... any recommendations on what trains to take between those and where to spend one night between? Thinking somewhere like Lindau on Lake Constance but not sure! Any help is awesome.

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Been to both places in July...Lucern Switzerland is a fantastic city and might not be exactly half way, but we stayed in a suburb 10 mins on bus #24 called Meggen Balm and it was great...Mark

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Use the German Rail (Bahn) website to find connections. I might be tempted to stay in Lindau, but the island is pretty touristy and a little pricey. Also, although I can find Europa-Spezial fares from Füssen to Lauterbrunnen for as low as 39€, none of the ones I can find go through Lindau. They seem to be on the Munich, Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Interlaken route. If you used that route, you could spend the night in Karlsruhe. Hint: use the stopover function to specify a stopover in Karlsruhe of 9 hours and leave Munich in early evening. . I did manage to find 39€ fares from Munich to Interlaken with a 10 hour stopover in Lindau.

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"If you used that route, you could spend the night in Karlsruhe." No, please don't... I would put Karlsruhe in the same category as Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Düsseldorf, Essen, Wuppertal and Dortmund. That is, there's stuff to see if you have to be there, but not a city you'd want to go out of your way to visit, unless you're a huge fan of post-war industrial architecture (but at least it has a nice Schloss complex). Your initial thought of staying in Lindau was a good one. Yes, Lindau is a little touristy... but for good reason. It's a gorgeous little island town and that view from the harbour towards the Alps is one of the most breathtaking in Germany. If practical, I would consider staying here.