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Where to spend Christmas 2007 Murren or Wengen

My Fiance and I will be spending our first Christmas together as Husband and Wife in the Berner Oberland. I am trying to decide between Murren or Wengen. We would like to be where some Christmas "action" is. Has anyone stayed in these areas over Christmas? We looked at the Eiger and Jungfrau which look beautiful but are about 250 USD a nights and is a little too expensive. We don't need a lot, we really perfer staying with a family in a B&B where we can get to know the Swiss culture better.

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Yes. We are spending our first part of the honeymoon in England, six days. Then on the 23rd through the 26th we are going to Switzerland. From there we are going to Paris for a week.

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Hi Jessica,

Here's a suggestion: go to and in its Web mode type into the search box 'B&B SWITZERLAND'. You will be presented with several optional web sites to check out...

Happy Honeymoon..P.

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For 2007?!!

I suspect that you would have a very hard time finding any accomodation in Murren or Wengen this late. We booked more than four months in advance for Murren, and there may be a set minimum for nights stayed over the holiday.

In Murren, the Eiger Hotel is a great place for a romantic Christmas. Murren is tiny, so the hotels are small - and the Eiger is family run and cozy with superb service. However, I suspect the hotels and chalets (i.e. B&B's) are long booked by this point because of high demand and regulars who go every holiday.

Especially since you want 'action', I think Wengen might be a better option, but again things are booked well in advance. In Murren, the only activities are skiing, sledding, ice skating and hiking - there are a couple of stores, a few restaurants and a church of two. No real public celebration since not many people really live there year round.

For Murren, you also need to get train/cablecar tickets since that's the only way there.


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I stand corrected - just looked at the Murren website (see the second website below) and there seem to be plenty of rooms available in hotels and chalets. I do reccomend the Hotel Eiger - very cozy, homey and excellent food.

FYI, you can check luggage for a fee on the Swiss trains, and most hotels & chalets in Murren (and I assume Wengen) will pick your luggage up for you. Definitely reccomended for Murren, since you'll have to make 3 transfers on the way up, and it's much easier to have the luggage waiting for you.

And be sure to check train schedules & book tickets, as the trains only run to Murren during certain hours (more or less daylight hours) so if you go elsewhere during the day, you have to catch the train back by a set time. And with the cable car, I suspect each trip can carry fewer people than the old funicular railway.


Hotel Eiger:

Murren website, which shows availability for all properties: