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Where on the Mosel?

We are staying 4 nights on the Mosel this October. We want to visit Burg Eltz, Trier, Marksburg Castle and possibly Bacharach and/or St. Goar. We are trying to decide between staying 4 nights in Bernkastel-Kues and Valwig (Cochem). Any advice or suggestions? Thank's in advance.


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Bernkastel puts you a bit far for daytrips to the Rhine. I'd go with Cochem (Valwig? It's about 3km out from Cochem, which is fine but it is nice to have old town Cochem at your feet - I like being nearer the Marktplatz.) Also, Bernkastel will be inconvenient if you don't have a car; you connect to rail by bus. Rail connections from Cochem proper are very good.

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Cochem is the best along the Mosel for frequent day tripping... Rich loves Beilstein - but the connections are less freq in the evening so you may have a 2 hour tour with ice cream in Cochem while you wait like my buddies did one evening after a long day trip! In Cochem - I loved the "Lorespeicher" (sp?) that rick mentioned was a bit of a splurge - it was 80 vs 45 euros - cheap compared to big city spots at well over 100E and very quaint and friendly.

re: Bernkastel - I visited one day from Cochem but breifly and wished I had more time - some of the most famous vinyards (Doktor-Vinyard) and old town were amazing... go early and explore/hike the castle and vinyards and town!

I did Burg Eltz and Marksburg both and they are great as well. If you stay at Baccarac - then Markburg is closer. Burg Eltz closer to Cochem - but both just a 1/2 hour to 1 hour train ride away!