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Where is the best place to shop in Paris?

I definitely want to get some shopping in during our trip to Paris. I like shopping at small unique boutiques, prices in the under $75 range. (no real Chanel for me) Clothing, shoes, scarfs, jewelry & unique vintage items. Also any info on good flea markets?

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I really disagree with Steve about Tati -- I have shopped many times in Paris, and this store was just too cheap and junky for me. Might be worth a peek, but not as a main destination. Try Monoprix or Promod instead -- great inexpensive places! Stores of every imaginable kind of unique-ness abound in Paris you will see them everywhere. The Marias is a good area for boutiques. The Vanves flea market on Saturday and Sunday is good too -- it's not super cheap, but easy to deal with and interesting.

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I agree with BG. The flea market where most French shop is the Port de Vanves... open on Saturday and Sunday... go early... metro.... Porte de Vanves. It is great. Very, very French.We go there alot and we have purchased old photography, handcolored postcards, wooden teeth, advertising, snuff boxes, books, clothes, jewelry, oil paintings, old silver. If you get tired there is a very nice cafe right across from the metro entrance and exit. Different dealers each day. Also we love the outdoor markets. Our favorites are the President Wilson and the Saxe Breteuil. Great scarves there. Also, can get your lunch. Nothing better than a bagette, olives ,cheese juice , fruit, wine. We find a bench and eat. The outdoor markets will give you a true slice of French life. I would not miss them. If you want the times and metro stops, send me a PM. Jane

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There are actually shopping guidebooks for Paris--I can't remember any titles but I've gotten some from our library that covered vintage, boutiques, etc. You'll find that most stores in Paris are boutiques--there are a few chain stores, but it's nothing like the US. But, new clothes are expensive in Paris. I'm told that's one reason accessories are so popular--French women have fewer but more expesnive pieces, that they keep interesting with accessories. Don't forget about the department stores like Galleries Lafayette--Paris has amazing department stores.