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Where Can I find Anglophones in Paris

Since my French is very limited, I might want to hang out with people from the USA or UK or Canada etc. while in Paris in July. Where are the best places to find the English speaking folks?

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Rue Cler looks like a quintessential Parisian neighborhood. And yet, if you keep your ear open, you'll hear quite a bit of English spoken, and you'll see carrying the tell-tale blue Rick Steves guidebook.

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When I visited Paris a few years ago, I found a Scottish Pub and there were French, British, Canadian and Americans all there with a common interest in whiskey and other things Scottish. it's in the Marais district and here's the website./

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Definitely the Rue Cler area. And Irish pubs. There is one quite close to the Rue Cler but, really, they're everywhere.

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There is the AMerican CHurch which has all sorts of activities. Also google Americans in Paris as I know there are some groups that get together...just can't remember the names.

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Shakespere and Co. Book store located on the left bank across from Notre Dame.

It's a famous English bookstore that has been there forever.

Theres also a bar called the Moose Bar which is a Canadian bar, somewhere in Paris...

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You might try the Lizard Lounge in the Marais. It is a youngish bar scene with lots of anglos/Americans. Very popular when I lived there some years back and a friend who visited in the last year or so said the same.

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Canadian pub, right by river on left bank, all seemed to be english speaking inside,,

If you are staying at a hostel you will likely find many young folks speaking english, even if it isn't there first language as many europeon youth seem much smarter in languages then us,, they all seem to speak serveral languages while frankly , the average American or Canadain struggles with one, LOL

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Just a few different ideas for you (non-tourists - Anglophone locals)

Go to any of the Frog Pubs

They have micro-brew beers here - and okay food. The crowd is generally British and American,

The Frog and Princess as well as the Frog and Rosbif are my favorites.

More pubs -
Footsie - a take off of FTSE stock exchange - prices change every 3 minutes based on supply and demand sales (very fun)
10-12, Rue Daunou. , 75002

Falstaf Beer pub on rue (not boulevard) Montparnasse - 75006

Breakfast in America - two locations
17, rue des Ecoles
75005 Paris, France
Métro: Cardinal LeMoine or Jussieu

Political hot spot
Young Democrats Abroad in France (YDAF)
Sorry the Republicans are barely active here