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Where besides Munich?

We will be going by train from the Rhine to Venice and want to see Dauchau but I want to stay in a town or city other than Munich. I have two teenagers. Any ideas of scenic areas on the train route?

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Some folks on this board may disagree, but I agree with Rick that Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a winner. We also visited Nuremberg as a day trip and thought the sights there were really outstanding. Rothenburg is easily more scenic but there is a lot of history in Nuremberg if your teenagers are old enough for WWII history. Also the German cultural museum in Nuremburg is wonderful. Think the Smithsonian history museum of Germany, with some art mixed in. If I had to choose I would go to Rothenburg if I had been to neither. If you have a enough time, stay in one and go on a day trip to the other. Germany is a much-underrated destination (we did not go there until our seventh Europe trip in 2006), and I am sure you will enjoy yourself!

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Rothenburg is worth a stop. Explore outside of the main tourist hours but don't miss the evening "Nightwatchman's tour", all ages seem to enjoy it. I wouldn't skip Salzburg; it's one of the most beautiful places anywhere and an easy train from Munich (it's considered a DB stop so you can use one Laender or Schoenes Wochende pass for the whole family).

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Is there a reason you don't want to stay in Munich? Have you been before? I don't recommend Rothenburg odT because it's on a spur train line, thus, it's not particularly convenient, and there are many other charming small towns in the area that are on a main train lane. I would vote for Wurzburg or Nurnberg. Most people here tend to do Nurnberg as a day trip from Munich or Rothenburg, but I think it's well worth it for an overnight. There's a lot to see, between the old town, the churches, the Nazi parade grounds, and the castle, and the atmosphere is quite charming at night. Rothenburg is cute but there's really not that much to do aside from soaking up the atmopshere, once you've exhausted the Crime & Punishment museum, and done the nightswatchman tour. I think spending more than a day there is overkill to be honest.

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Hi, Staying in a place other than Munich, but how close to Munich? How about Augsburg, just a short ride from Munich? Nürnberg is also good choice not only for the reasons recommended above but also doing a day trip r/t to Pilsen. (The American Memorial from the war is located there.) You have to decide on Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The place does nothing for me.