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When To Buy Train Tickets Munich to Salzburg to Mestre Italy

We will be flying into Munich and taking train to Salzburg staying 3 days and then onto Mestre Italy just out side of Venice in October.Do I buy ahead or buy when we arrive. Also night train or day train from Salzburg to Mestre.

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For Salzburg to Venice, if you are willing to commit to a train-specific ticket with reduced returnability, the further ahead you buy it, the better the price. For German Rail, 92 days in advance is when the tickets go on sale on their website. Not sure how long in advance for Austrian Rail, For Munich to Salzburg, regional trains take ½ hr longer than express trains, and you can take them using a Bayern-Ticket, €26 for two people. That's the best price, and you can get it at the station the morning of travel for the same price. Whether you go by day or take a night train is personal preference. A night train will cost more for the accommodations, but part of that will be offset by saving a night in Salzburg or Venice. You'll miss the scenery on the way but gain a day of sightseeing. There is a night train that goes all the way from Salzburg to Venice. There is one all-train day connection with discounted fares from Salzburg to Venice. It leaves just before 11:00 and get to Venice just after 6 PM. It has a change of trains in Innsbruck. The other day connections involve a train to Villach and a Austrian Rail run over-the-road intercity coach from there to Venice.