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What to do while waiting to check in at apartment in Paris?

I will be arriving in Paris Oct. 3 at 7:30am. I'm renting an apartment by the Louvre, but can't check in until 3pm (possibly a little earlier, maybe 1pm, but there is someone checking out that day so I can't be in too early). Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do with my time waiting to check in? I was thinking of going to the Louvre for a while (I will get a museum pass so I can come back later), because I read that you can check bags for free there. Would they allow me to check a medium size suitcase or would that be inappropriate? If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. I don't want to be carrying around my luggage all around the city, especially since I will be tired after a long flight. I thought the Louvre might work because I could look around a little, have lunch at a cafe there, and be close by to my apartment when it's available.

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16984 posts apparently under the Pyramid. Don't know about "large" luggage, I suppose there is a limit. Otherwise use luggage storage or lockers at Gare du Nord on your way in on the RER.

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Even though you can't officially check in, have you asked if you can drop off your bags beforehand? That's what I did last time I rented an apartment, then I just went and relaxed at Angelina's with some Hot Chocolate while I waited.

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Usually the hotel will allow you to leave your luggage there if you are checking in later in the day. My last early morning flight into Paris I dropped off my bags at the hotel and went on a morning bike tour. It was a great way to refresh after a long flight (exercise is recommended to overcome jet lag) and get acquainted with the city. Then went to lunch and by that time I could check in. The bike tour company is in RS France guidebook, meets at the Eiffel Tower and is an awesome intro to all the sights you'll want to see while there. I wouldn't recommend the Louvre right after your flight. You will want to give the art more focus than you'll probably have the energy for.

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I agree that being outdoors on that first day is better than going to the Louvre. Maybe find a walking tour to keep you outside. I would leave your luggage at Gare du Nord as previously suggested. Go back and retrieve it before checking into your apartment. Or, you can contact the management of the apartment and ask for their suggestions. They might have a place where you can store it.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I will wait to hear back from the apartment and see if I can just leave my luggage there. I think they're supposed to do check-out with the previous person at 11am, so maybe I could stop by then and leave my luggage then stop back. Other than that, I hadn't thought of leaving my luggage at Gare du Nord. Honestly I was thinking that I would take a taxi. I'm feeling scared to find my way around on the train right away when I get there. I should probably look into it though. This is my first solo trip (and last time I went to France I was 16 and on a guided tour, so I didn't have to figure anything out), so I'm pretty nervous about the trains and metro. I know it's not supposed to be too hard, but I've never travelled to big cities like New York or anything so it's new to me to figure out public transportation. I will try to look into my options more. I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions.

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If you are arriving at CDG at 7:30a.m. you will not get into Paris 'til about 9:30, by the time you retrieve luggage and make the trip into the city. If you are nervous about taking the RER, check out a shared shuttle ride from the airport. The shuttle van will drop you off wherever you like. Don't remember the cost, exactly. Google airport shuttles Paris. Can't picture any place near the Louvre where you could leave your bag, the museum usually checks small bags, but that might work. Try and email them. The apartment thing sounds most promising.