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What to do upon arrival in Bacelona?

My family is arriving for a cruise out of Barcelona at 7:15 am and we can't board the cruise ship until 1:00 pm. I contacted the cruise ship to see if we could drop our luggage so we could do some sight seeing, but we can't. Any suggestions? Maybe hire a taxi or tour operator for the day. Is a taxi feasible?

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Dennis do you mean you are arriving on a flight at 7:15 .. because if so you won't get to cruise ship dock before 9 probably..

I suggest you go on cruise forums. they are simply the best forum for cruisers with specific forums for each cruise line, and every port of call.. you can ask people who have actually taken your exact cruise what they did !

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Do not be in a rush to get to the ship, Barcelona offers much to experience for even a few hours.
Highly recommend focusing a 2/3 hour visit on Sagrada, truly a unique place where the word "unique" is aptly utilized.
Luggage: are you a hilton honors member? If so, contact the hotel and arrange to have your luggage stored for the day (leave a good tip). There are two hiltons in barcelona, choose the location closest to the airport. Take a cab from airport to hilton, then ( to save time) take a cab from the hilton to the sagrada
Arrive at 7 a.m., clear the airport by 9, goto hotel and on to sagrada by 10.
Another path maybe to search for hotels offering a day rate. This would provide a place to freshen up and drop your luggage.
I have cruised out of Barcelona. The ship's typically do not depart till after 5 p.m. From downtown it is a 20 minute cab ride, same for from the hotel hilton.
Hence EZ to visit Barcelona till 3 then pu luggage and be at pier by 4 pm. Recognize there is excitement for getting onto the ship, see your room, etc......but how often will you be in Barcelona?

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I've never cruised out of Barcelona, so I'm not sure about the best transportation options to the port. is a good suggestion. There are lots of reports for each port, line, ship, etc. that will give you a good idea what to expect. My main difference with cruise critic posters is they tend to rely on excursions (and ground transportation) provided through the cruise line, when there are often much better and cheaper options.

We cruised out of Copenhagen. In the morning, we wandered a little before checking out of our hotel and taking Metro and Train to the port. After checking in to the ship (I think first check in was around 11), dropping our bags, and grabbing a snack (didn't have room access until later), we left the ship and went back downtown for more sight seeing before we needed to be back on the ship.

It sounds like your flight is set. I normally recommend arriving a day or two early to adjust to the time difference and see some sights in your departure point.

For a day, I'd go with Modernist sights - block of discord, Parc Guell, and Sagrada Familia - because those sights are fairly unique to Barcelona. Parc Guell is the only one not served well by Metro, so a taxi to there is the best choice.

Remember, Barcelona is infamous for pickpockets. Crowded sights and the Metro are some of their favorite haunts. You will be tired and jet lagged - so be cautious.

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We had the opposite problem this past June. We docked in Barcelona early but didn't need to get to the airport until noon.

I booked a tour with Autos Villar. I asked to be picked up at the port, taken to La Sagrada Familia (so we could tour for about an hour), and then to the airport. Our driver surprised us by still giving us tour of the city that included a stop at Parc Guell. Made it to the airport right on time too.

Oh, and we had our luggage with us. The driver stayed with the van at each of the stops.

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