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What to do the last week of our stay in Germany?

The first 2 1/2 weeks are full of things for us to do. We drop off a friend of mine about 8 days before we leave, at the airport. Then it's just me and three teenagers. I'm trying to book a small apartment in an area where I used to live, near the Mosel River. So, I thought about taking one day to go paddleboat riding on a lake I used to go to; go to the movies at a German theater; drive around looking at different castles we didn't see the first week of the trip.

Maybe go on another volksmarch, provided the first one was ok for the kids. Cologne one day (zoo and cathedral), maybe Europa Park. Any other suggestions? I want to stay in the general area between the Mosel and Rhine Rivers for the most part.

We will have already seen Trier, Burg Eltz, Cochem, Zell, Traben-Trabach, Idar-Oberstein, St. Goar, Bacharach and gone on a Rhine A flame cruise...and a side trip to Dachau and Rothenburg.

Any ideas? I haven't been to this area in 20 years.

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How old are the teens? Boys or girls? There may be canoing somewhere, or rock climbing, or one of my favorites, the fun-forests. Here is a website for one in Holland (its in English), but they are everywhere.

I would suggest coming to Frankfurt, but am afraid of getting booed again by certain people on this forum.

There are a lot of Roman ruins in Mainz and the city is quite nice, as is Wiesbaden. Wiesbaden also has a skate park sort of near the train station. Also, many cities have skate night where thousands of people roller blade through the city.

You might want to check on the website "Toytown" for some of the cities you are visiting. The expats on there will be sure to give you some good ideas about what to do.

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Jo, the kids are two 17 year old boys and a 13 year old girl. I vaguely remember Mainz, I think I went shopping a couple times there with friends, but that's it. Maybe I'll google it, thanks.

We're going to be turning the rental car in the day before we fly out and may take a little trip by bus or train somewhere in Frankfurt.

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Wiesbaden and Mainz also have nice (indoor) swimming pools! I know my kids love swimming on vacation.

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You might want to spend a day around Koblenz. The Deutsches Eck is interesting. In addition, nearby, in Braubach, the Marksburg castle is the only castle on the Rhein which was never destroyed. It is nicely preserved and might make a fun tour.

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In Cochem you'll want to check out the falconry exhibition at Reichsburg Castle. The Moselbad (waterpark) might be good, or perhaps the spa at Bad Bertrich (several miles out of town.)

Biking along the Mosel is great; I particularly like the stretch between Bullay and Traben-Trarbach.

Agree with Marksburg as a destination!

There's a good WW II museum in Remagen on the way to Cologne:

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Have you ever visited Bern-Kastel on the Mosel? It was one of the last places my husband and I visited before we moved back to the states. If you are into wine, its a great place, there is also a castle at the top of the hill.

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I agree, biking along the Mosel can be a fantastic experience. Another trip on my to-do list ... Go the direction Trier -> Koblenz and you'll have more downhill than uphill stretches.

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If you have a car, Frnce is close by. also visit the castle hostel in Bacharach it is terrific and your kids will love it. Black forest is close by as Baden-baden.

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Thanks for all the ideas, I think we will be going to the open air museum on the way to or from Europa Park.

JS, we are already booked at the Bacharach hostel for 2 nights the first week of our trip.

Amanda, yes, I've gone to Bernkastel-Kues many times when I lived in Germany, it wasn't very far from where I was stationed. We will probably drive through there.

Going to check out those sites tomorrow when I'm not working, Jo.

Thanks again.

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I just reread my last post, I meant the open air museum in the Black Forest! LOL! Sorry, I'm pretty tired, had to work today.