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What to do in the Frankfurt area for a few days.

I am doing a Spain Portugal trip. I am taking Lufthansia which means I fly back from Frankfurt and I thought of making a stay over for maybe 3 days. I toured the Rhien last year so I was thinking of some other place to see. I have not seen any of Frankfurt so I would want to spend a day or 2 there. I thought maybe Nurnberg or Colonge, which of the 2 do you like?

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Stew, have a look at what I posted on Trip Advisor on Frankfurt. With regards to day trips have you been to Heidelberg or Speyer? Also there is just outside the city and the castle of the last German emperor's wife with her rooms looking like she'd just stepped outside in Bad Homburg also close by. There even is a Roman border patrol castle nearby as Bad Homburg was one of the Northern outposts of the Roman empire...

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and there is Wurzburg, wonderful city about 1 and a half hours down the autobahn, easily reached from the airport bahnhof. from wurzburg, you could visit rothenburg, and wertheim and miltenberg are on the way to wurzburg. i think there are boat trips that go from frankfurt to wurzburg and back and also to hanau.

another favorite is Marburg, city on a hill about 2 hours north of Frankfurt, maybe less. my personal favorite city for a day trip.

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Thanks Carrie

How big is Wurzberg and Marburg?
What did you like about Marburg? I will be in Frankfurt hopefully for a 3 day layover form my bigger trip in Spain and Portugal.
I spent a lot of time in Germany last year and did get to Rothenburg, Bacharch, Trier. German food is great and so is their beer.

I missed Calogne, I hear it has a nice cathederal.

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Cologne is 1.15hrs from Frankfurt by high-speed ICE train. So you could easily do it as a day trip. The cathedral is one of the largest in the world and it's just spectacular. It's right across from the train station. As a matter of fact all of the old town of Cologne is within walking distance from the station as it used to be a walled and highly densed city. Unfortunately it got completely destroyed if not wiped out during WW2 (the cathedral, as if someone had held his protecting hands on it, only suffered minor damage though) which means that you can find plenty of pretty old tiny streets but also a lot of those with those 1950s quickly rebuilt houses ones. The pub scene is unique and there is a very interesting choclate museum down by the river as well.

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I was about to post with the same exact question about Frankfurt. I'm only going to be there for 1 day/1 night (it's the beginning of a 17-day road trip from Germany to Prague) and am more interested in the different neighborhoods in the city of Frankfurt, can anyone tell us about: Nordend, Bockenheim, Borheim, Sachsenhausen, etc?

I'm also interested in the Saalburg Roman fort but not sure if i'll be able to fit it in... has anyone been there that can tell us about it?

Can anyone name a few good restaurants and hotels/inns?