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What to do in Paris on a MONDAY?

Looks like we are going to be in Paris on a Monday and I'm trying to figure out what we are going to do - it seems ALL the museums are closed - is anything open? We will be taking the night train to Florence on Monday so I'm hesitate to do a day trip somewhere. Any suggestions?

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We recently had a one day stop in Paris (first time in Paris) that fell on Monday. The Louvre is open on Monday, and we spend quite a bit of time there. We also saw Notre Dame, walked around quite a bit, and took our 9 year old to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to the d'Orsay, but now I think it's just an reason to have to return to Paris again :-)

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There's a lot more to Paris than a bunch of museums.

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As the previous post mentioned, there are some Museums open on Mondays. However, if your budget will allow you might consider taking a Segway Tour which covers some of the main sights of the city. I found it quite interesting and a lot of fun.


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Batobus runs all week and makes good use of an hour.

Lux Gardens, botanical gardens, Montmartre, I think if Louvre is closed, d'Orsay is open (or verse visa)

Pigalle never seem to close, not that I know where it is

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If you are partial to Monet's paintings, the largest single collection of his work can be seen at the Marmottan Monet on Monday's, a private museum, whose admission is not covered by the museum pass.

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I think the Marmottan is closed Mondays.

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Visit markets
Rent bikes
Do a walking tour (self guided from Rick's book or guided)
Hang out in a park
Visit a garden
Tour a historic home
Visit churches/cathedrals
Visit historic sites like the Roman amphitheater
Find out what events are going on
Flea Markets
Pick a random spot on a map, across the city from where you are, then have a great "discovery walk" to get to it

I could go on and on.

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With the exception of Ed's snarky response - Thank you to everyone with their fantastic ideas you've all been a big help!!

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We just returned from Paris with our 7 year old son. On Monday, we went to the Louvre (we spent 5 hours in the Louvre) and then we spent time in the Tuilerie gardens outside the Louvre. We entered from the mall entrance not the pyramid. We arrived very early and we were one of the first to see Mona Lisa before the crowds. We reduced our Museum visits and spent more time outside looking around and enjoying our son mingle with the local kids at the parks. It was great and my son wants to return. I have Ed to thank for letting us know there is more to Paris than Museums. Ed's advice helped make our trip enjoyable.