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What to do between Paris and Munich

We currently have 5 nights in Paris, a travel day by car, 5 nights in Munich (largely used as a base for day trips to surrounding area), and a night at Rothenberg before departing from Frankfurt. Rothenberg could be moved to the middle of the trip, but original intent was to do that part of Romantic Road on the way to Frankfurt. What to see between Paris and Munich? We are an active family of 5, kids all in their 20s. Parents have been to these cities, young'uns have not. Loire Valley is appealing, but in the wrong direction. Same with Normandy beaches. Alsace/Lorraine seems logical, but not sure what to visit. Ghent is a possibility just to experience another country and it is a young university town. Also, we have plenty of Marriott points for a stay there, always a plus but not a reason to make a silly decision. We will be in no hurry to get to Munich so a long day's drive from Ghent (or wherever) will not be a big problem. Thank you for your suggestions. I really want to go to Italy, but have yet to conquer time and space.

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There is so much to see between Paris and Munich. The great cathedrals of Northern France, the rich heritage of Burgundy, the quaint towns of Alsace, the Black Forest, the lavish Baroque churches of Upper Swabia, beautiful Lake Constance. Just some names which immediately come to mind: Cathedrals: Reims, Châlons-sur-Marne, Metz, Autun, Sens, Strasbourg, Freiburg, Ulm
Towns: Provins, Troyes, Beaune, Dijon, Nancy, Strasbourg, Colmar, Freiburg, Konstanz Baroque Churches: Upper Swabian Baroque Route

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Colmar is absolutely charming! We spent a couple days there just chillin'. Probably get yelled at for this but Heidelberg is a great university town as well. The old city is very cool with lots of neat pubs and such and the castle is pretty cool to visit as well.