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what to do after Paris visit

I will be in Paris for a couple days and want to explore beyond Paris - should I go up to London for a couple days...explore other areas of France?

Will have maybe a week max after my business trip in Paris.

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The Eurostar from Paris to London is a unique, fantastic experience. London is a huge teeming place, with so much to see. But this is not an inexpensive or relaxing option, so you need to decide if you have the stamina to do it after your business trip, or need to chill out in the country.

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At what time of year will you be going? That may make a difference regarding your choice(s), weather-wise. Some northern France options:

Bretagne is nice -- there's a very cute medieval town called Dinan out that way, which might be fun for a change from the big city. At least, it was cute last time I was there, which (sadly) was quite some years ago.

In the other direction, Colmar in Alsace is pleasant and has a German flavor to it. Again, I haven't been there in years, so research before you go.

I haven't been to Mont St. Michel but would love to go.

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North of Paris: Amiens, Calais, Rouen, UK, Belgium

South of Paris: Loire region, Rhone-Alpes region (cities: Lyon, Grenoble) Provence region, Bourgogne region, Languedoc-Roussillon region, Aquitaine (city: Bordeaux)

East of Paris: Alsace (Strasbourg), Lorraine (Nancy, Metz)

West of Paris: Bretagne, Normandie

The possiblities are endless!

French Tourism Site

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I personally am in favor of staying in France. Save London for another time, unless London is your true interest and France is only for business. Keep in mind unless you can fly out of London the a/r cost on the train will be costly.

After that it depends on what you are looking for, daily travel to see some sights, or a relaxing stay in a new region. Do you have cultural interests or outdoor interests? Here are my favorite places to spend a week in France:
In summer: SW Brittany coast (finistaire region, traditional Fest Noz, good seafood, and you can swim in the ocean.)

The Alps(any season)for relaxing in villages at high altitudes and some hiking.

Alpes Maritime and Provence in late spring or early fall.

The Carcassone area

The Burgandy vineyards in fall(when the leaves are changing).

Have fun!

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You could either go to the Loire Valley and visit the many chateaus. If you go Amboise makes a great base, especially at Chateau des Ormeaux.

Or go to Normandy and visit sights such as Mont St Michel, Bayeux, The American Cemetery @ St Laurent etc.

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will be there next month.

thanks for the suggestions! looks like a lot of great places to explore and stay in France.

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I would visit Loire valley and Provence, on train route and close to Paris.But don't underestimate Paris, I have been there 6X and could easily spend another week there anytime. Ck Ricks books for all the wonderful things to do and see in Paris. Leave London for another time, it is wonderful but warrants more time.