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What to do a couple of days in Frankfurt, Germany in October

Hi there, my husband and I will be in Frankfurt, Germany October for a couple of days layover, staying by the Airport, Hotel Steigenberger,any suggestions for going out?

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Frankfurt is easy to reach with the subway, takes about 15 min. There is a whole row of museums and fabulous art gallereies to pick from along the river, a whole lot of historical sights to see, some beautiful old churches - including the "Kaiserdom" where the emperors were elected and crowned or St. Leonards with one of the few examples of a "hanging vault" left in the world, the Holocaust Memorial wall with over 11,000 names of Frankfurts murdered Jewish citizens, beautiful parks - including a Chinese Park!, the Main Tower with observation deck, wonderful farmers markets every day that would give Paris a run for its money, dining possibilities in 700 year old watch towers or 300 year old apple wine gardens. If you want to go out of the city a bit, there is the Saalburg, the only rebuilt Roman fort in existence, up in the Taunus mountains near Bad Homburg. Oh, I could go on, as the people on this board can tell you. Feel free to write me for more info!

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Jo can definitely tell you anything and probably everything about Frankfurt, so I would say she's a resource to follow up on if you plan to stay in Frankfurt. Ask her also about the cool spa/pool complexes in Frankfurt.

You can also do a search on day trips from Frankfurt as I know that's been discussed on this board before.

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Thank you so much, your information will be very helpful. Deb

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I lived in that area , and thought where would I take some one . My answer Berg Elez (SP) ? it is on the Mosel about an hour from the airport . I think others in the know would support this idea . Others on this BB will both correct my spelling give you their opinon .

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The Spa/ pool complexes in the area near Frankfurt are great. I don't know where it was for sure but our Daughter who lives near Frankfurt took us to one close to her house & it was so much fun. It had a hot pool area that had a whirl pool that was part of it & so on & so on. The one street that Jo had mentioned with all the Art all in one spot & my wife & I found a great Chinese Restaurant just across the river on the pedestrian bridge. A big building with a lot of glass that looked like it would not be good but was great.Anyway there is a lot to see close to this area so have a good time.

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I would take the train to Bacharach (1 hr) and walk around the quaint, small town, have lunch (get a glass of local wine) and then take a Rhine River cruise. To catch a cruise, there is a ticket booth right by the river outside of the town walls. Bacharach is one of my absolute favorite towns. When we lived in Mainz, we would always take friends there. I also enjoyed going to Cochum (2 hr. train ride). Personally, I enjoy the small towns versus the big city of Frankfurt. Just depends on your preference. Have fun!